Phone repair service

Phone repair

Dear English-speaking customers! We provide phone repair service not only for locals, but also for people, who come from other countries and do not speak native Russian  language!

Phone repair

For people staying in hotels

We have a special delivery service for people who stay in a hotel and do not know the city well/ or do not have much time to travel and figure out «where is this street, where is that street, is this the right service, etc». This repair delivery service usually works like this:

  1. You order your phone to be taken to repair by phone +7-343-318-31-82 (ask for Nikos or Anastasia, if we are not available, leave your phone/hotel number and name, and we’ll call you back)
  2. In 1-2 hours an English-speaking person will come to your hotel already with reception documents (you will have to fill up your name, contact phone number, phone model to be repaired, problem with the device). We can fill in the documents in front of the hotel reception manager so that he or she can doublecheck that you are actually giving your phone to a real service center (we are indeed not a one-day scam company 🙂 )
  3. The phone will be taken to our central office for repairs (currently, it is Amundsena street, 64) and repaired there. Usually, repairs for foreign people are considered a «to be done ASAP», so it could be done in less then an hour.
  4. The same person who accepted your phone will take it back to your hotel (or your current location) with a payment receipt(currently, we accept only Russian Rubles) and warranty documents(for most phones it is a 1 or more month guarantee)

For people living in Ekaterinburg for a long time

  1. You can order basically the same delivery as in «for people staying in hotels», a person will come, take your phone and bring it back repaired in a few hours.
  2. You can personally visit any of our offices: Amundsena, 64  or Vilgelma de Gennina, 39 . Look for a SYSTEM-SERVICE sign or ad shield. Please call anyway before you plan to visit us for phone repairs, as not all our employees are English-speaking.

What are the repair prices?

No, we do not have a special policy for foreign people, we do not do «Oh, he is American, guess, he can pay double the usual amount of money!», the prices are the same for everyone, Russian, or not Russian, we do not care. Though, if you order a delivery, it will cost you 500 rubles (its 250rubles for one side delivery). The price always depends on your cellphone model and prices vary. For example, an iPhone 5 display repair will cost you around $40, and a Galaxy S7 display repair will cost around $200. You just have to ask when you call, or, if you have a basic understanding of russian, you can browse our website, maybe we have a page for your phone with prices (they are not always accurate).

So, how do I get my phone repaired here?

Just call our main phone number +7-343-318-31-82, ask for Nikos or Anastasia, and we will figure it out from there.


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