iPhone repair

iPhone repairs in Ekaterinburg

Dear customers! We provide iPhone repair service for English-speaking people.  The following page contains approximate prices for iPhone repairs, the prices are for 09/2017, and, because spare parts prices occasionally drop or rise, we cannot guarantee that by the time of your call the repair prices will stay the same when you call us. Thank you for understanding 🙂


iPhone 5 repair

*Also, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Display repair 2000₽
Battery replacement 1100₽
Home button replacement 800₽
Power button replacement 1000₽
Lightning port replacement 950₽
 We do our repairs by ourselves, our main workshop is at Amundsena street, 64. Most iPhone 5 repairs take a few hours, and we try to keep spare parts in stock.

iPhone 6 repair

And for iPhone 6S repair you can basically add approx. 1000 Rubles to any price.

Display repair 4000₽
Battery replacement 1300₽
Home button replacement 1000₽
Power button replacement 1100₽
Lightning port replacement 1050₽
Water damage repair  3000₽+
Phone body replacement 3000₽+

Dear customers! We strongly encourage you to do water damage repairs in your local workshop in your home country! Water damage repairs are difficult to perform and take a lot of time and effort. It can not be done «in 2 hours before flight».

iPhone 7 repair

Display replacement 6500
Battery replacement 2500₽
Lightning connector replacement 2000₽
Microphone replacement 2000₽
Camera replacement  2800₽+
Vibromotor replacement 1900₽
Power button replacement 2000₽
MUTE button replacement 2000₽
Volume button replacement 2000₽


Can I trust my device to you guys? Are you professionals? Do you have original parts?

We are in iPhone repair business for several years and going good 🙂 Though, we decided to provide service for English-speaking costumers not so long ago. We do our job with utmost proficiency and we care about our customers. Most parts that come around here are not original parts, though you can find original LCDs (displays) for iPhones, their prices are unreasonably high(if you still want the original one, we  can get if for you, it would cost arount 2000-3000 Rubles more than the regular price).

There are not so many English-speaking services around here and we see our mission as to make phone repairs for non-russian speakers easy . We do understand that you are not local and that you do not want to be price-abused because you get a salary in Euros, our prices are the same for everyone. And also, as a bonus, when you give your phone for repairs, we can give you another one, so that you stay in touch (though it’s usually just a feature phone).

You can get a little bit more info about phone repairs and delivery and other stuff on this page. Or you can call +7-343-318-31-82, ask for Nikos or Anastasia. If we are not available, leave your phone number, and we will call you back soon.

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